LEDHIVE Ecoflare MR16 6W

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LED Hive has put a lot of effort to overcome the glare problem without losing light loss. This new technology LED Bulb is fitted with a anti glare lens. With one single new gen C.O.B at the centre of the bulb. When the light is released, the closest slide on lens is able to reflect to the other, and the slide reflects each other, repeating light over and over. Every single slide is carefully calculated and designed. This in return produces a light transmittance rate as much as 92.6% whilst other normal lens reaches only 73% tops. This is by far the brightest and the smartest bulb available in its range and can produce an accurate measured light equivalent to 60W.

These bulbs will install into any MR16 socket with an input voltage of 12V DC and is designed for any commercial, domestic or retail installation. Only consuming 6W of energy compared to 50w halogen, thereby offering significant savings that consumers should not ignore.

Lasting 50,000 hours compared to halogen bulb which only last 1500 – 2000, LED bulbs will pay for themselves within 3 to 6 months of installation. Homeowners and businesses can go many years without the hassle of having to change an LED bulb. Because of the way this bulb is designed there is very little heat generated compared to a halogen bulb. Most of the heat in this bulb is dissipated through its aluminium housing.


Main Features

  • 6W led bulb producing 500 lumens
  • Anti Glare Technology
  • 50,000 life span
  • Instant light – no warming up
  • Shock proof  - unlike filament bulbs
  • Environment friendly – LED bulbs contain no Glass or Mercury
  • Aluminium Housing for better heat dissipation
Please note: LED Drivers are required for most MR16 LED bulbs. Connecting your LED bulbs to an old Transformer will not only decrease the life of the bulbs but it may also cause it to flicker. Please contact us if you are unsure. 


Please Note: 

Non-dimmable LED lamps cannot be dimmed. Should you fit a dimmer to non-dimmable LED’s then damage to the dimmer, lamps or both will occur.

Mains voltage dimmable LED light bulbs can be dimmed using an ordinary resistive dimmer. LED lamps are an attractive proposition as they consume very low wattage's and are very energy efficient. This can cause problems when choosing the correct dimmer.

If you have a few LED lamps to dim, then the total wattage will not be enough to load the dimmer. For example, four 5w LED lamps in a small room will only total 20w whilst the minimum load on a 250w dimmer is 25w. This means that the dimmer will simply not work. In these circumstances a low load dimmer rated at 5 – 50w would be required.

Under normal circumstances, so long as the minimum load is exceeded, dimming mains voltage LED lamps is not an issue so long as the minimum load is observed.

Technical Specification
Colour 2700K, 6000K
Average Life 50,000
Also Called Downlight, Spotlights, Recessed, MR16, GU5.3
Bulb Type 5050
Beam Angle 36°
Base MR16
Cut Out This is the diameter of the opening required to fit the fitting.
Certification CE | RoHs
Dimmable No
Input Voltage 12V
Lumens 550
Manufacturer CREE
Replacement for 50W
Size (Dxl ) 50x55
Wattage 6W
MSRP 18.99
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